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Velocipede to Work Day!

Patent Drawing for J. O. Lose’s One Wheeled Vehicle, 09/01/1885

It’s a wet #BikeToWorkDay in Washington, DC, but luckily J.O. Lose’s patented one-wheeled velocipede is equipped with an umbrella!
Penny-farthing?  Monowheel? Fixie?  How are you biking to work today?

So this is what happens when you mix salts of different metals (Lithium, Strontium, Sodium, Copper, and Potassium) into methanol and then light that sucker.
Pretty colours is what.
Each metal has a different configuration of electrons orbiting in the atom. When the different atoms get energy from the heat, the electrons in the different metals will be excited by a different amount. When they de-excite they release that energy as light. Different metals release different eneriges. Different energies is different colours. The more energy, the violeter the light.
Using different metal salts is also how fireworks do the thing.

See the streetlight yellow in the Sodium (Na)? Well that’s because we use sodium lamps in streetlights

The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke
Author: Richard Dadd (English, 1817–1886)Date: 1855-64Medium: Oil on canvasLocation: TateThis work, although unfinished, is generally considered to be Dadd’s masterpiece. It was painted for H.G. Haydon, an official at Bethlem Hospital, where Dadd was sent after he became insane and murdered his father in 1843. He was transferred to Broadmoor in July 1864, before being able to complete the painting […](via arsvitaest)
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